"I've made it my life's work to assist in relief of chronic pain, injury prevention and over all relaxation." - Nico

Nico Diaz, CMP, CFP
Professional and Educational Credentials 
California State Certification: Massage Practitioner
California State Certification: Fitness Professional
Associate of Arts Degree, Kinesiology - Health & Wellness
Associate of Science Degree, Kinesiology - Fitness Professional

Nico is a professionally trained State of California Certified Massage Practitioner. Trained in Southern California with over 15 years experience, he specializes in relaxing Swedish Massage, revitalizing Deep Tissue massage, relieving Reflexology and stimulating Acupressure, just to name a few modalities. Nico prides himself on being friendly, honest and well trained with strong hands and a caring touch.

Throughout his career, Nico has continued to work with Chiropractors and others in the health and medical industries to assist in the rehabilitation and relaxation of their patients and clients. He also takes massage and bodywork refresher courses to stay current with various massage modalities. Nico possesses all the required certifications, insurances and credentials to work as a Massage Practitioner in the State of California.

As well, Nico is proud to hold multiple degrees and California state certifications in Kinesiology. His dedication, experience and education sets him apart from others in his industry.

Nico's State Certification makes him available for employment throughout California, in gyms/workout facilities, nursing homes/medical facilities, chiropractic offices, fundraisers, homes/offices, etc.

During his massage and bodywork sessions, all equipment needed including a top-of-the-line professional massage table and massage chair, towels, oil, creams and fresh linens are supplied for an optimal experience. An unwavering dedication to quality is always given during every massage session. 60, 90, and 120 minute massages are available at your request. He is very respectful of personal privacy and absolute discretion is always assured.

Nico knows all his clients are special and he respects diversity. He knows you may lead unique lives, come from different backgrounds, and have various beliefs. Nothing should be a deterrent from scheduling with him. Everyone deserves a massage from Nico.