I provide a trusted space for relaxation, healing, growth and discovery. My approach is not only therapeutic but also spiritual, holistic and emotional.

Nico Diaz, CMP, CFP
California State Certification: Massage Practitioner
Associate of Arts Degree, Kinesiology - Health & Wellness
Associate of Science Degree, Kinesiology - Fitness Professional
Over 20 years of service has given me the ability to work on you with strong hands and an attentive caring touch. All equipment needed for an optimal experience is included. During your session I provide a massage table or floor mat with towels, oils, creams, fresh linens and music. An unwavering dedication to quality is always given during every massage session. 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available to meet your needs.

Most importantly, I am very respectful of personal privacy and absolute confidentiality is always assured. I'm aware you all lead unique lives, come from different backgrounds, and have various beliefs and needs. Nothing should be a deterrent from scheduling with me.

Everyone deserves a massage session with me.