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"Excellent skills, dependability and affordability. That's why Nico has been my Massage Go To Guy for over 3 years." - Carlos

"Bottom line, Nico, as a Massage Therapist is to muscles, what a conductor is to an orchestra. There is a reason why I am an ongoing and committed client of his, and insist on having him over at least twice a month. I have chronic back problems, most of the time it is just my lower back, but sometimes it is all over. I am able to call Nico midday from work, and I know I can depend on him to always work something out for me. Every time Nico has come to my home, he has been able to find every part of my back that is tweaked. For me, that is something better than medication could ever do. When Nico comes over, my appointments consist of usually one hour on my neck, shoulders, back, and glutes, and then about thirty minutes of relaxing Swedish massage. Nico and I have determined that this is the best 'massage recipe' for me, because of how well my body responds to it." - Marcus 

"Nico is so accommodating! He'll even setup his chair at your work place. I'm so glad I booked a chair massage session with you! Work and life can get overwhelming at times and I often find relaxation hard to do. Sparing 30 minutes of my lunch break to focus on me was a wonderful experience. My co-workers and I can't wait for you to come back. Thanks again for being so accommodating and convenient! See you in a few weeks!" - Thi, First Valley Credit Union

"Do yourself a favor and schedule your time with Nico; the guy has a natural talent for massage and knowing what a body needs. Very professional, easy to communicate with for scheduling and a comforting calm presence before, during and after your session. I had scheduled a session after racquetball and he was flexible with my timing. Nico arrived, set up and set to work. 2 hours of amazing massage therapy. It's rare that I will have someone in my home, you can rest assured that Nico is someone you should invite in and allow him to perform his magic." - Josh

"Being that this was my first massage ever I was a bit nervous. I was told about Nico and his massage business from a buddy of mine. I do IT work for a living and have begun working out recently. Between the mental stress and now physical stress, I recently decided to incorporate massage into my life. Nico was the perfect choice for my massage. He showed up at my place on time, but I was running late and wasn't ready. He set up his equipment and waited patiently for me. After receiving a full-body swedish massage and deep tissue massage on my back, I wondered why I had waited so long to experience massage! Nico explained the concept of energy work to me without being over the top, which would have been a turn off to me. Nico knows what he is talking about and what he is doing, and I felt thoroughly satisfied. I am looking forward to my next massage with Nico!" - Eduardo

"Hi Nico, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the massage. Marco was so relaxed when we got home. I wish you could come over every night after he gets home and work your magic...Lol. I noticed that he didn't come in complaining this week about his back. When I know his schedule for this week I will contact you so I could make an appointment. Again, thank you." - Angela

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Nico is a California State Certified Massage Practitoner through CMTC
Nico is fully insured through ABMP
Nico proudly uses EarthLite Products