Located in Gand Terrace, CA
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 Palm Springs - Murrieta - Pomona - Pasadena

San Diego - Los Angeles - Newport BeachSanta Monica - Ventura
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"Being a truck driver is mentally and physically stressful. I see Nico at least twice a month. Nico's massages are an investment in my productivity, clarity, passion and health. My appointments with him are a necessity not an indulgence. I recommend his services" -Tony 

 "I schedule with Nico regularly to prevent my sciatica flare ups and to just relax my body from life. Excellent skills, dependability and affordability. I would not be able to get massage if he didn't have these prices. He's accepting, non-judgmental and always makes me relaxed and content. That's why Nico has been my Massage Go To Guy for over 3 years. I highly recommend Nico. Thanks Nico!" -Carlos
"Nico's amazing. I trust the man. He knows his stuff. My two hours with him are always well worth it. The massage is deep when needed for my overworked low back, glutes and legs, then nice and soft to make me feel so relaxed. He's very attentive to my needs. My body is always renewed. Side Note: Nico's a mature handsome man and not bad on the eyes. Hehe." -Rick 
"Do yourself a favor and schedule your time with Nico; the guy has a natural talent for massage and knowing what a body needs. Very professional, easy to communicate with for scheduling and a comforting calm presence before, during and after your session. I had scheduled a session after racquetball and he was flexible with my timing. Nico arrived, set up and set to work. 2 hours of amazing massage therapy. It's rare that I will have someone in my home, you can rest assured that Nico is someone you should invite in and allow him to perform his magic." -Josh

"Being that this was my first massage ever I was a bit nervous. I was told about Nico and his massage business from a buddy of mine. I work in the Information Technology field and have begun working out recently. Between the mental stress and now physical stress, I recently decided to incorporate massage into my life. Nico was the perfect choice for my massage. He showed up at my place on time, but I was running late and wasn't ready. He set up his equipment and waited patiently for me. After receiving a full-body Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage on my back and legs, I wondered why I had waited so long to experience massage! Nico explained the concept of energy work to me without being over the top, which would have been a turn off to me. Nico knows what he is talking about and what he is doing, and I felt thoroughly satisfied. I am looking forward to my next massage with Nico!" -Eduardo